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February 2019
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 More then One Character?

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Nanaka Hiro
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Nanaka Hiro

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PostSubject: More then One Character?   Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:19 pm

I know people will be asking about this, so I'll post it here!

How do you know whose playing a character? Well, this is a simple solution! (I've seen this on some sites and I think it's a good idea then having so many people just make a new account and forget their old one.)

Here is an examples:

Eiichi Hiro~16~ Rira Academy student with a huge secret||Nanaka Hiro~15~innocent girl with strength||Mei Hitsuji~16~falling for every boy

~Sakura Lamoe||21||Headmistress of Sweet Lamoe High||
~Nanaka Hiro||16||Bubbly Student of Sweet Lamoe High||
~Emmett Nathaniel Salazar||18||Laid Back Student with a Creative Mind||
~Saru Tora||16||Student With Amazing Strength||

Now doesn't that look nice? These are my character's from another site so it might be confusing. This is what I am looking for in signatures! It's simple and easy, and people will know what character you are playing. You may also put your character's picture in it. (Don't put every single one of your character's pic, that makes it long and stretches the page.)

Character Name||Age||Occupation

That's how it is. You can color it or do something else other then those line things. You may only have 6 characters! (A Canon Character is a character)

BUT if you MUST have a second account, you HAVE to ASK. I can not stress at how much it annoys me when someone just can't ask. The worse things I could do is just say no. I will allow ONE second account if you must have one.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Sincerely, Nanaka
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More then One Character?
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