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July 2019
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PostSubject: Hayami, Alex   Hayami, Alex EmptyFri Jul 20, 2012 11:03 pm

Hayami, Alex 2007y09m12d_hayami-kohinata001
Basic Info:

Name: Alex Hayami
Gender: Female
Class: A-3
Financial Ranking: High Class

Physical Appearance:

Hair color/style:Alex’s hair is blackest of black and is naturally straight and goes down past her waist. She normally wears it in two pigtails with black ribbons. If she is in more of a tired mood she will have her hair down, and if it’s more of a special occasion she will wear her hair a special way, she in curling it or something to that affect.
Eye color:Black
Appearance: When she is in school she will wear the normal school uniform, just like everyone else. Though, when she is outside of school she will wear casual clothes. For Alex, that is jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes it may be a dress (Seen if the spoiler ^^). On special occasions she will wear fancier things. Such as a well-made dress, or if it’s more casual a good pair of jeans and a nice shirt. Though most of what she wears, is always black.
Weight:110 lbs
Other: None

Personality Info:

Personality: Alex is more of the quiet person. She does wear more black colors so she sometimes is labeled as a goth, though this never seems to bother her. When she is around her friends she can be talkative, but when she is around people she doesn’t know as well, she seems very shy and not as outgoing as she can get to be. Around her family, she is always happy, no matter what is going on. Alex never likes showing other people what she is feeling, more so if she is sad, so if there is something upsetting her, and she will always fake her happiness. Alex has gotten good at this but there are still some people that see through her. Also, she may lie once or twice, but if she is caught lying she will tell the truth if she is confronted directly about it. She may shock some people with how her likes are so much unlike how she lets off. Alex is mischievous at times, and she may even pull pranks of some people, but most of the time they are her friends, and they are never harmful.
Likes:Listening to music, reading, spending time with her brothers, sweets, cute things, making new friends, horror movies, the color black, the ocean, people, being alone,
Dislikes: Snobby people, bitter tasting things, Losing friends, mean people
Talent(s): Alex is a very good singer. Though she didn’t have coaching of any sort, many people that hear her sing, would thing that she has.
Habit(s): To fake emotions when she is upset, and she may play with her hair is she is embarrassed.
Fear(s): Alex is terrified of spiders. If she sees one she will scream and run away, if one is to touch her she will mentally paralyze herself of fear.

History Info:

Birthday: December 15
Guardian(s): Her mother and father. Name Abigail and Nikolas
Guardian(s) Occupation: Her mother runs a floor shop and her father is a highly educated doctor (Is known to be the best…though I’m sure this will come to bite me in the behind >.>)
Sibling(s): Two twin little brothers. Dylan and Daniel. They are 14. Birthday June 25
History: Alex had moved from America, to go to the Ouran Academy, and so that her father could get a promotion. Other than her mother, father, and her brothers, she doesn’t have any other family. They had all died in a fire, just before she had turned 5. It had been during a family reunion. Alex had been outside playing with her family (mother, father, and brothers) when it caught fire, so none of them had gotten hurt, but there wasn’t that much they could do. They made moved away from that city and went to another. They actually moved around quite a bit when Alex was younger, but she still managed to make friends, in the short period of time. The reason Alex is so afraid of spiders is because, when she was 10, a group of boys, took her and put her in a janitors closet because she had pulled a prank on them. It was one that hadn’t been used in years, so it was full of cob webs. She was in there for hours before someone had found her. When they found her, she was screaming and was being crawled on by dozens of spiders. Currently, she is new to Ouran, so she doesn’t have many friends, if any. While she is there she, so far, is working her hardest at keeping up her grades, and tries to make new friends.
Other: None
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PostSubject: Re: Hayami, Alex   Hayami, Alex EmptySun Jul 22, 2012 1:57 am

Nice character!


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