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February 2019
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 Vakarian, Cho, Courtney

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Courtney Vakarian

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PostSubject: Vakarian, Cho, Courtney   Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:26 pm

Basic Info:

Name: Courtney, Cho, Vakarian
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Class: A-3
Financial Ranking: High Class

Physical Appearance:

Hair color/style: Courtney has purple and blue hair that goes down to her knees. She tends to keep it up into pig tails though.
Eye color: Both of her eyes are a shade of blue, but can shimmer a purple depending on the light.
Appearance: Courtney likes to wear Lolita styled clothing and outrageous clothes to stand out. She loves very colorful clothes as well. She will accessorize depending on what she wears. This is her usual outfit though:

Height: 5’8’’
Weight: 120 lbs.
Other: Courtney tends to wear a steampunk clock like locket that holds a picture of her father, mother, and older brother.

Personality Info:

Personality: She has a bright and bubbly personality. She is very kind and caring and will always think of others before herself. She also tends to get a bit nosy if she wants to know something. But all in all she will help out students and others if they need it and join groups within the school to be active with everyone. She can have a nasty temper and become very emotional.
Likes: Despite her bubbly appearance and outgoing personality, Courtney enjoys things that are considered paranormal and strange such as ghosts, big foot, werewolf, vampire, ext. Courtney also enjoys sweets and animals. She mostly loves baby animals and suckers. Those tend to be her favorite. She also enjoys cosplaying and being different. She doesn’t like to fallow the crowed and likes to be herself.
Dislikes: Courtney simply despises bugs. She hates how they look, move, and are just plain gross. She mostly hates spiders and centipedes. They creep her out to know end. She also dislikes people who are quick to judge. She won’t stoop to their level, but instead stand up for people and show how she dislikes their judgment. She also doesn’t approve of the host club. Not that she hates it, but sees no point in it. She’s never been there her whole school year and tries to ignore it.
Talent(s): Courtney has a talent with a bow and arrow. She can easily hit a bulls eye and shoot while riding her horse. She loves it and finds it relaxing due to her Irish/Scotland heritage. She also has a talent with kids. She loves their energetic energy and can sometimes think like one. She can easily calm them down and help them out. She is a very good baby sitter and tends to make any child she meets, adore her with laughter and giggles.
Habit(s): Courtney has the habit to talk to herself since she isn’t too popular despite her outgoing personality and friendliness. So some people can hear her mumble to herself or people who she ‘thinks’ is there, but isn’t.
Fear(s): Courtney has a fear of needles and hospitals. Not because she has been instituted into a mental hospital, even though her parents have been tempted to, but because she has always experienced death with them. Never has she experienced good things out of needles and hospitals. Not to mention they creep her out.

History Info:

Birthday: March 17th
Guardian(s): Her mother {Teagan} and her Father {Sebastian}
Guardian(s) Occupation: Both her parents work in fashion and design. They tend to be all over the place in the country, never really having time to spend with Courtney.
Sibling(s): Deceased older brother {Garrus} (Died in action)
Courtney was born in Dublin, Ireland in an old Irish castle. Here she had been treated like a princess since her parents were running the family business in fashion. She was always outgoing and bubbly, and always fallowed her brother. The two of them always did things together since her mother and father were so busy. The two of them shoot arrows and fought like knights and mystical elves. This caused Courtney to stretch her outgoing appearance. Her parents didn’t mind since they got some of their ideas from her. But they don’t always approve of her style. Courtney didn’t care though since her older brother always approved. She was always close with him. Courtney then moved with her family to Japan when she was 10. Her brother then left to the army, wanting to prove his fighting skills. His parents worried over some time, causing them to pay more attention to Courtney. Courtney distant herself from everyone, still wearing and being outrageous, but not being social enough. She would talk to herself and mumble like people were there, almost developing imaginary friends. It became worse when her brother had died in action and she had to be there with her parents when they decided to pull the plug. He had agreed due to losing hearing, eyesight, and the ability to walk, being tormented in pain. Courtney soon drawn herself to the paranormal side of life, feeling comfortable with her ghosts and invisible people and more connected with her dead brother. Courtney still kept her outgoing personality though and keeps her more emotional side of life hidden. She tends to act as if she never had a brother, not feeling comfortable talking about it. Courtney was then placed to Ouran by her parents and has been going to school there ever since. Courtney perfected her talent with the bow and arrow, keeping a more normal connection with her brother and also realized she had a good talent with kids. Mostly because she tends to act like one herself. As well as understanding losing family.

Other: Courtney owns a pure black gypsy named Alan. She also own two pure German shepherds named Kevin and Evan.
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Nanaka Hiro
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Nanaka Hiro

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PostSubject: Re: Vakarian, Cho, Courtney   Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:39 pm

Nice character!


Nanaka Hiro||16||President of Class A-2||

"I'm not afraid to show everyone who I am. I am me."

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Vakarian, Cho, Courtney
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