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February 2019
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 Nikolai Arlovski

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PostSubject: Nikolai Arlovski   Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:15 pm

Haha... /copies from other site
Strangely enough, I remember so much about Ouran akfldad.

Basic Info:

Name: Nikolai Arlovski
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Class: A-2
Financial Ranking: Middle Class

Physical Appearance:

Hair colour/style: Short, minor peek-a-boo bang. Naturally blond but he dyes it green.
Eye colour: Dark blue
Appearance: Pretty much just wears... well, whatever he grabs out of his closet first. He takes after his brother, so he'll often be wearing something to do with unpopular bands (either for shits and giggles or because he actually likes them) or something some might describe as punk. He likes to wear pink clothing, too. (<-- Also for shits and giggles! Plus, cough, sassy gay Niko.)
Height: Six feet tall, exactly.
Weight: 147 lbs
Other: Always wearing green. If he's not wearing something green, he'll get depressed. Also paints his nails neon green.

Personality Info:

Personality: He's bubbly and optimistic, no matter what. Even when he shouldn't be, he's happy. However, if he's angered (which is pretty hard to do, so you'll deserve this) then he won't hesitate to attack. There aren't many ways to anger him, though, so if you do manage it then you've probably been antagonizing him for a while and probably deserve what you're gonna get~. Other than that, though, he's your stereotypical sassy gay friend. When he's down, offer to help do his nails or to take him shopping. He'll love you. || Still working on this... ||
Likes: MEN, anything sweet, cherries (There's a reason for that) GREEEEEEEN, shopping
Dislikes: WOMEN, anything unhealthy (What about the sweets you bipolar akldfjga.) having to stay inside on a sunny day
Talent(s): Piano. (HE'S A PENI-- PIANIST) Singing (though he's very self-conscious about this one.)
Habit(s): He tends to talk like the sassy gay dude he truly is, he used to bite his nails but then he started painting them green so he would stop. It worked~ Once the paint is gone, however, he'll bite all he wants. Also, if he doesn't work to suppress it, he'll have a bit of a Russian accent.
Fear(s): He acts like he doesn't fear anything. However, he is claustrophobic and mastrophobic (fear of breasts, he has his reasons)

History Info:

Birthday: 25 August
Guardian(s): His older brother, Ivan.
Guardian(s) Occupation: Guitarist in a band that isn't very popular. He still manages to rake in enough money, however, to live.
Sibling(s): Ivan, his older sister Yekaterina, and his younger sister Natalia. His sisters live elsewhere, though. He doesn't know where.
History: In a world that isn't quite so friendly to "his kind", he was raised by his sisters and oh so similar brother. And by "his kind" I mean, gays. His brother was also gay. And being raised by his sisters mainly (because his brother was kind of awkward when it came to this stuff) didn't help very much. Actually, it made it worse. At age three, his father took a nasty spill down the stairs and died. When he was nine, his mother was shot and killed. He was placed under the custody of his uncle after this, but at the time he was oblivious to the fact that he abused and occasionally raped Ivan. Now he's more than glad that the man "fell" off the roof and thus placed Nikolai, Ivan and Natalia under Yekaterina's custody. (She's the oldest.) When he was eleven, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He lived mainly in the hospitals after that until he was thirteen. That was when he met a certain person that would turn out to be the only person he'll ever love: Lovino Vargas. Lovino was close to him from the beginning, and even though he was just a few months away from being eighteen, Nikolai was not hesitant to take a chance. Lovino had read somewhere that cherries actually made cancer cells kill themselves, and therefor he would frequently bring cherries to the hospital as an excuse to see him. (This is why he loves cherries >7<) Not long after, they began dating. The day the doctors said Nikolai had less than a year left to live was the first time Lovino told him that he loved him.
The best and the worst day of his life, da?
Wrong. The worst day of his life was when he had to move away.
This was when he was fifteen -- the doctors were incorrect and managed to nip the cancer in the bud. He's cancer-free now. However, because of the cancer, he had to be extremely healthy -- and therefor he's in good health, but not good shape. It was lung cancer, so he couldn't do anything that harmed his lungs. (He still did a FEW things... with Lovino. *Coughs.* >7> Um. Kufu~) That's why he's pretty light for his height. ANYWAYS. He had to move with his brother so they could both follow their dream careers. So far, it hasn't been all that successful for either of them, and even two years later Nikolai yearns to see Lovino again. They attempted to keep in touch, but Lovino wasn't interested in long-distance relationships.

Other: His history's too sad. I need to stop being a sob-story-writer. BI Also, uh... I'll come back and add to this as I explore the character~
BTW. Nanaka? ; 7 ; Remember me? The Fuzoku twins' admin~?
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Nanaka Hiro
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Nanaka Hiro

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PostSubject: Re: Nikolai Arlovski   Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:20 pm

:DDD Of course I remember you! :3


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PostSubject: Re: Nikolai Arlovski   Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:28 pm

Yay! ; 7 ;
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PostSubject: Re: Nikolai Arlovski   

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Nikolai Arlovski
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