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February 2019
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 How to Role Play

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Nanaka Hiro
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Nanaka Hiro

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PostSubject: How to Role Play   Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:20 pm

Example 1:
I turned around to see a girl following me. She wasn't what I would call a friend... we were barely friends. Others claim that she is a nice girl, but I just don't trust her enough.

There are many people you make mistakes when role playing. Here is a bad example.

Example 2: i turned around 2 c a girl following me.She wasnt what i would call a friend..... we were barely friends. Others claim that she is a nice girl but I just dont trust her enough.

Don't text talk. We dont speak liek dis and neither du chu<--- NO. It's very hard to read and many people just won't rp with you.

This annoys me: Power playing.

Example 3: I gritted my teeth at the idiot known as, Tamaki. Once he took one look at me, he started to run out screaming.

Who wants someone to control THEIR character?! NO ONE! This is how it should be done.

Example 4: I gritted my teeth at the idiot known as, Tamaki. Once I saw that he took a look at me, I swear that everyone would be running.
OOC: This is the part where you should make him run! :3

Other person might say: (Okay! xD Brb, have to get some food!)
Tamaki stared at the girl with horror and then ran out the room, screaming for his dear life.

Some people like to use symbols for that whole Out of Character thing. The simple thing to do is just parenthesis Example: (Lol! XD Kyoya is mad! I should avoid him <.<)

Double Posting.

It could be double, triple, infinity, etc- whatever. Just don't. It looks sloppy, messy, and bad.

Length of Post:

I hate one liners... I think most people do. What does:

Example 5: Nanaka laughed and sat up.

Person 1 wrote: Nanaka looked at the sky.

Person 1 wrote: Nanaka stood up

How do I reply to that?!? I can't because then I have to write a one liner in reply!

Example Reply: Eiichi blinked and smiled, sitting up with her also.

See how boring that is? It gives the replier NOTHING to write about. No description, no creativity, NOTHING!

Example 6: Nanaka laughed at Eiichi's comment and sat up to stretch. Her back was aching from laying on the ground. She looked up into the blue sky, seeing the white fluffy clouds pass by. She swore that she saw a cloud in the shape of a dinosaur! She got excited and looked for more clouds that looked like dinosaurs.

See how exciting that is? She's looking for dinosaur clouds!! :3

Other ways?:

Yes, there are! You don't have to write in paragraph's (but they are nice to read) I've started out with this when I first started role playing, but soon moved to paragraphs. You can do this:
(But this can cause one liners.)
Example 7:

Action:*grabbed his books and walked out of the class room with a sigh.*

Speaking: Man, school sucks! and we have homework, grrr.

Thought: I wonder where Nanaka is? She said she was going to the host club.

*sweat drops again at the thought*

You may do that if it's easier for you. Some people like to do templates. What is that? Well it's some thing this:

Example template: **Do not use this template**

Nanaka walked around the hallways and sighed. Man, there's nothing to do! she thought angrily. She continued to walk until she stumbled across music room 3. She blinked at the sign. She liked to play music and maybe there might be some instruments in there that she could play. Nanaka slowly opened the door and was greeted by thousands of rose petals in her face.

"Huh?" she questioned as the petals smacked her face.

This wasn't a music room! There were thousands of girls here! What kind of music room was this?!

You could use that. :3 I just like to look at the pretty colors!! xDD It looks VERY pretty to me! Lol.

Mary Sue's:

These are loathsome creatures. These are characters that are too perfect and powerful. You don't want your character to be like that. No one wants there character like this. So, balance it out! Add some negatives and positives.

Example: Is really smart, but lacks in physical activity.

Is a good fighter, but has a huge fear of animals and blood!

Something like those I guess? So don't make them a mary/gary sue. No one wants to RP with one of those. If you want more clarification on Mary Sue's or still think your character is on, there are PLENTY of tests out there to help you!

Hopefully, this helps to those who are new to role playing!

Sincerely, Nanaka
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How to Role Play
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